Hello everyone, I'm known as Zacarias! I'm so glad you are interested in knowing more about me.


Birthdate: March 16, 2008

Since: May 1, 2020

"Zacarias is a happy boy and seems to really like to be with us. He has made friends here and plays well with them. He is small for his age but healthy. His mother died last year and although he has many brothers and sisters, only one cared for him, his older half brother Daniel, but most of the time he would have to ask for food from his neighbors. He is in the 4th grade, and while in quarantine, he is learning English and computer skills." 

- Corrie Ockhuysen

My favorite 


" I love working and playing soccer."

My favorite 


Portuguese and Math

My favorite 


"I love rice and beans."

My most recent accomplishment

Computer Lessons

My birthday wish

My dream

"I dream to grow up, have a job and help others."

My Praise:

Please pray that God fulfills the plans He has for Zacarias.

My Praise:

We praise the Lord that Zacarias loves Him and he has given his heart to Him. What a blessing!

there are 45 of us - this way to the next one 

there are 45 of us - this way to the next one 

Zacarias Machel

Me at play

My health

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