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Iris Matola Rio Children Center
Iris Matola Rio Children Center
Iris Matola Rio Children Center




Pai Magaia and the wife Regina, just got







Director: Corrie Ockhuysen

Originally from Holland, Corrie has dedicated most of her life to missions and working with children suffering from HIV living in various places, including Brazil and Mozambique. Here at the Children Center she is the cog that keeps the clock running- a one woman administration team that can resolve any issue and organize everything from finance to school snacks to prayer times. Corrie is known and loved by every child here.

After five years of working with Iris Ministries in Zimpeto, Corrie took a huge step of faith when she moved to Matola. While pursuing what was next in God’s plan for her and her daughter, she sought to follow her passion in caring for children suffering from HIV and AIDS. Soon an 11 year old boy, Luís Jeremias came upon her path. He was suffering the most severe stages of AIDS. Luís Jeremias came from a poor family and his mother, a practicing witchdoctor, used  traditional medicines instead of Aids medication and she only took Luís to a hospital when he was in a critical condition with a deteriorating immune system and unable to walk or care for himself. Corrie came across him at the hospital, and once discharged she took care of him. After moving from place to place, by God’s grace she rented a home in Matola City, and that's where the Lord kicked off Iris Matola Rio Children Center. The house was a renovated chicken coop with high windows and confined spaces, not where you would expect a children’s center to be. Nevertheless, they lived there happily and soon enough God brought them more children. 

At the end of 2005, Luís got an infection in his brain (Encyphalitis) and he went to be with the Lord January 4th of 2006. Without Luís Jeremias, Iris Matola Rio Children Center maybe never would have begun, and Cori, her staff and the children here today would never have benefited. To God be all the glory!

Missionary: Richard Mvula

Richard was born in Tanzania, he came to Iris Matola Rio Children Center in November 2017 with a serving spirit and has been a blessing to our ministry. He is a visionary with the desire to see our teenagers, church members and the people in our community trained with skills for careers and a future. Coming from a poor family himself he knows more than anybody else how God can turn things around, and make dreams come true. Richard has given his life and career to the Lord to help the people of Matola dream for themselves and see their dreams be fulfilled.

Born to Serve

Manager: João Macamo

João Macamo was born in Maputo and has a real heart for children. He’s impossible to anger and successful at everything he puts his hands on, from driving to amaintenance, to caring for and entertaining the children his talents are as endless as his love and patience. We love you João Macamo!

Senior Pastors

Paulo Ezequiel Simango

Marlita Paulo Simango

General Pastors

Helena Jubileu Sitoe

Mario Manuel Mahumane (photo couple with Bible) 

Leaders of Jonasse

Ortensio Magaia

Regina Magaia 

Leaders of Jonasse Zone 1 & 2

Manuel Jubileu Sitoe

Filomena Manuel Sitoe

Leaders of Chinonanquila

Jose Vicente Sitoe

Albertina Jose Sitoe

Leader of Woman's Ministry

Cristina Ntixane 

Iris Matola Rio Children Center


All our educators are locals who love and care for our children around the clock. Each one of them is a valued member of our team and their names are:

Enia Malope

Marcia Domingos

Albertina Fernando

Audieta Maculule

Eugenia Antonio

Christina Zandalope

Cristina Franscisco

Salima Machava

Augusto Samuel

Paulo Manjate

Liria Eduardo

Albertina Magaia

Carmina Machava

Manuel Sitõe


Two local gentlemen from the area who work through the night to ensure the safety of everyone on the base. They are a real asset to Iris Matola Rio Children Center!

Antonio Colacio

JoseV. Sitõe

General Pastors

Iris Matola Rio Children Center



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